Turning Back the Clock with Spinal Decompression and Laser Therapy

Turning Back the Clock with Spinal Decompression and Laser Therapy

At Newport Center Family Chiropractic, we interact and engage with a variety of patients every day. Aside from children and adolescents, they all have at least one goal in common: the desire for more vitality and youthfulness! Because everyone of nearly every age wants to feel as energetic and healthy as possible, it’s not unusual for us to get questions like “can laser therapy help me feel younger?” or “does spinal decompression improve energy levels?”. If you’re ready to learn more about whether spinal decompression and laser therapy can help you turn back the clock, read on!

“Can spinal decompression and laser therapy make you feel younger?”

Adult and elderly patients frequently ask this question, with good reason. As we age, we often begin to feel like our bodies are no longer functioning at the level we’re used to. While our minds may feel young, flexibility and limberness in the body tend to decrease, the mind often feels foggy-headed and cluttered, and overall health and agility appear to decline. This is to be expected simply due to the degeneration that occurs in the body with age.

Over time, various activities and positions can stress and wear on the body. For example, someone may experience degenerative changes in their bones and joints from being a routine runner or jogger. The impact of jogging is known to cause stress to the joints. But, this can also happen to an office worker, who sits in a slouched position at their desk for most of the day. By sitting in a slouched posture, spinal joints can become misaligned and misshapen.

Lifestyle can speed up or slow degenerative changes in the body. Spinal decompression and laser therapy can fill in the gaps to help you feel younger again!

Spinal decompression and laser therapy are powerful therapeutics for turning the clock back on the body. While it can’t undo the damage that has been done from degeneration, spinal decompression and laser therapy can make your body feel like the damage has been undone. This is because these therapeutics work powerfully on the neuro-musculoskeletal system.

The neuro-musculoskeletal system represents the intersection between the nervous system, the muscular system, and the skeletal system. This system is where a lot of the pain of the body comes from. When the neuro-musculoskeletal system is not functioning harmoniously, the body can feel old, stiff, painful, and degenerated.

At Newport Center Family Chiropractic, we treat the neuro-musculoskeletal system using two major forms of care: spinal decompression and laser therapy. Together, these two forms of therapy help to stimulate regeneration and relax tense and tight muscles. Spinal decompression can create space between the joints, allowing an influx of nutrient and oxygen-rich blood to circulate where it was previously unable to. It can also stimulate the lymphatic system and help to release trapped toxins and stagnation. Similarly, laser therapy can stimulate the body’s natural healing response. As the light makes its way into the body, it can reduce inflammation, break up scar tissue, relieve pain, and improve circulation. At Newport Center Family Chiropractic in Newport Beach, we’ve found that these two therapies work together to deliver powerful results that can feel like turning back the clock.

Problems in the joints can lead to problems in the rest of your body.

If you’re experiencing tiredness, brain fog, exhaustion, stiffness, inflexibility, and back pain (or neck pain), then there’s a high likelihood that your joints could use some TLC. Problems in the joints of the body can often lead to problems in other areas of the body. This means that if your joints are misaligned, you may experience radiating pain, sharp pain, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and a variety of other types of discomfort that negatively impacts your quality of life.

As we age, in particular, the padding (disks) between your joints can become worn, eroded, or begin to slip. This can happen in the spine, knees, and other areas of the body where joints are absorbing impact or being rotated and bent frequently. Because the skeletal system is the foundation of the body, issues with joints affect everything else. This means that if lifestyle or genetics has led to wear and tear on your joints, you may feel it everywhere.

Spinal decompression and laser therapy can protect your joints and stimulate your body’s own regenerative healing response.

If your lifestyle, genetics, or age has taken a toll on your joints and the rest of your body, then chiropractic may be exactly what you’re looking for. Spinal decompression and laser therapy allow your body to jump-start and support its own healing response to the health crisis it may be in. Instead of surgical intervention, pain medication, or topical treatments that just buy you time until a larger, more invasive treatment, our therapies have the power to help your body heal, and in some cases even reverse, some of the damage that has been done.

The potential benefits of regular spinal decompression and laser therapy:

If you’re interested in turning back the clock on your body’s condition by improving your health and wellness, read on to discover the potential benefits of being on a comprehensive treatment plan that includes both spinal decompression and laser therapy.

Reduced Pain

Laser therapy can be a wonderful tool for relieving pain in the body. Patients who receive our laser therapy often feel an immediate reduction in pain, which can result in a complete reduction of pain over time. Whether the result is permanent or temporary, which differs for everyone, reduced pain is often experienced during and after laser therapy treatment.

Improved Flexibility/Mobility

Because spinal decompression is particularly beneficial for the musculoskeletal system, it’s common to see improvements in flexibility and mobility after chiropractic treatment. Spinal decompression can loosen tight muscles, restore flexibility and mobility to joints, and help decrease inflammation and pain. As a result, you may experience an increased range of motion, new ease of movement, and less pain when bending your knees or sitting and standing for long periods of time.

Mental Clarity

Because spinal decompression directly affects the nervous system, it’s common for people who receive regular spinal decompression to feel enhanced mental clarity in their daily life. Spinal decompression can help the electrical impulses that flow through the nervous system to flow without interruption, and by doing this can improve cognition (thinking), clarity of thought, and memory.

Increased Energy

As a result of our treatment options at Newport Center Family Chiropractic, many of our patients report feeling significantly increased energy levels. Given that spinal decompression can improve nervous system function, increase circulation, and help the body detoxify, increased energy can be a natural result of the positive effects of our in-clinic therapies.

Ready for treatment?

If you’re ready to explore all the benefits that chiropractic care has to offer, it’s time to book your appointment. Dr. Mike Digrado of Newport Center Family Chiropractic has over two decades of experience administering the highest quality of care available. Each patient is treated as a unique case. Whether you’re experiencing back pain, neck pain, or another issue connected to your spinal health (vertigo, mental fog, digestive discomfort, etc.), Dr. Digrado will create a comprehensive treatment plan designed specifically to address your health disturbances at the root. If you’re ready to jumpstart your journey to health and get started with your customized treatment plan, contact us today to get started.

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