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Herniated Disc Treatment Newport Beach CA.

Despite what you’ve been told, there is a non-surgical solution for your herniated disc that’s painless and completely safe!

A herniated disc, also known as a slipped or ruptured disc, is a relatively commong condition affecting the spine. A herniated disc occurs when the soft inner core protrudes through a tear or weak spot in the outer layer, which can lead to irritation of nearby nerves and result in pain, numbness, or weakness in the arms or legs.

At Newport Center Family Chiropractic, Dr. Mike Digrado is an expert in the treatment of herniated disc. Unlike other back pain experts, our clinic uses a combination of FDA cleared decompression therapy using one of our latest decompression tables, and our state-of-the-art deep tissue laser therapy for fast and lasting results.

A herniated disc can range in seriousness from mild to severe, and depending on the severity of your pain, Dr. Mike Digrado can recommend the right course of treatment with the idea to gently and therapeutically stretch the spine and eliminate the pressure that has been exerted on the delicate nerve in the area. Through repetition, and adding laser therapy to promote quick healing, the spine’s structure actually changes for the better, as patients experience permanent relief from their herniated disc pain.

So if you or a loved one is suffering with herniated disc, and have been told you need surgery, please stop and call us today. You’ll be amazed by the results of our herniated disc therapy, giving you your mobility back, and getting rid of that pesky pain for all those years.

pinal Decompression Therapy in Newport Beach - Dr Mike Digrado

Common Causes of Herniated Disc.

Common Causes of Back Pain - Dr Mike Digrado DCDisc herniation, also called bulged disc, slipped disc, or ruptured disc, occurs when the softer, pillowy shock absorbers which are located in between the vertebrae are torn, allowing the inner portion, called the nucleus to get pushed out of the outer layer and into the spinal canal. This happens if there is an injury, a tear, and degeneration. While a herniated disc can occur anywhere on the spine, most herniations occur in the lower back, or the lumbar spine. Based on which part of the spine is herniated, patients can feel mild to severe pain in that region which can only be corrected surgically or through decompression therapy.

When Should You Seek Professional Help?

Several factors contribute to the risk of developing a herniated disc. Age is a significant factor, as the discs naturally lose elasticity and become more prone to tearing or rupturing with time.

Physical activities that involve heavy lifting, twisting, or bending can also put stress on the spine, increasing the risk. Additional risk factors include obesity and genetics.

It is advised to have your spine checked if you feel any type of back pain. Even if you’re not in pain, health professionals advise to getting an annual spinal checkup to detect the slightest issue.

Medical Versus Holistic Treatment

Disc herniation can be resolved through advanced chiropractic care. Dr. Mike Digrado takes a very aggressive approach to reversing a herniated disc through decompression therapy and laster treatments. Such therapies have been shown to significantly help reverse disc herniation, and help countless patients avoid back surgery.

In some cases, should the herniation be too severe, or should the chiropractor detect additional contributing factors that may warrant medical intervention, the patient will be notified to contact their physician for additional diagnosis.

Spinal Decompression Expert

Dr. Mike Digrado D.C.

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Dr. Digrado is passionate about providing Newport Beach residents with cutting-edge spinal decompression therapy and deep tissue laser treatment aimed at reducing or eliminating back pain, sciatica pain, neck pain, or herniated discs all without the need for surgery or risky procedures. With over two decades of experience, he is the go-to decompression expert in Newport Beach! Learn More…

Say Goodbye to Herniated Disc
Herniated Disc Treatment Using Decompression and Deep Tissue Laser Therapy.

Newport Beach chiropractor offers highly effective and gentle treatment to address mild to severe cases of herniated disc.

Herniated discs don’t heal themselves, so it’s critical to address the issue quickly before it turns into a much more serious problem. Dr Mike Digrado has been helping patients suffering from severe disc herniations regain their mobility and diminish pain and discomfort through decompression therapy and laser therapy at his office in Newport Beach. No surgery. No painkillers. No risky and invasive procedures… just therapeutic and gentle care that’s comfortable, painless, and soothing.


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Suffering from chronic back pain or sciatica pain? Our Newport Beach spinal decompression therapy will help.

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