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Neck Pain Relief in Newport Beach CA.

Neck Pain Relief in Newport Beach - Dr Mike Digrado DC

We’re experts in severe, chronic neck pain relief without surgery.

Are you suffering with neck discomfort? Our experts can help!

Neck pain can be caused by a sudden impact such as an accident or fall, or through poor posture, and even bad sleeping habits. No matter what the cause, it needs to be addressed quickly before it gets worse and leads to a more painful condition.

Patients are often surprised to learn that untreated neck pain is often the cause of migraines and headaches, and that addressing the root cause correctly usually diminishes the occurrence of migraine attacks altogether. Depending on the type of pain, treatment can include chiropractic care and decompression therapy.

At Newport Center Family Chiropractic, our Newport Beach chiropractor , Dr. Mike Digrado is highly experienced in neck pain relief, and has successfully provided relief for thousands of patients ranging in age from 5 to 90 utilizing highly effective FDA-Cleared decompression therapy!

Common Causes of Neck Pain.

Common Causes of Neck Pain - Dr Mike Digrado DCThere are a wide range of causes for neck pain, and while some of those causes may require serious medical intervention, the majority of cases can be addressed through holistic approaches. Most neck pain is caused by the following:

  • Poor Posture: If you have a forward head posture due to improper ergonomics and postural habits, chances are you are suffering from some degree of pain
  • Text-Neck: Nowadays, more people are using their mobile devices, spending hours slouched over and looking at a tiny screen. Text neck is therefore a condition that is defined by neck pain and neck strain as a result of improper neck position as a result of mobile device usage
  • Accident and Injury: A sudden impact caused by a car accident, whiplash, getting struck, or falling down can misalign the spine, leading to a neck injury that at first may not manifest until some time has passed
  • Pinched Nerve: A compressed vertebrae or spinal misalignment can put pressure on delicate nerves in the neck
  • Herniated Disc: Gradual age-related wear and tear can lead to herniated disc in the neck, leading to significant pain in some cases
  • Muscle Strain: Muscles may have become strained as a result of various factors including something as simple as turning your head too quickly or putting your head in an uncomfortable position on your pillow. Regardless of the severity, strains must be addressed to reduce or even eliminate pain completely.

When Should You Seek Professional Help?

To some, neck pain is just an inconvenience which may be treated with pain killers. The reality is that such pain is not always as simple and straightforward as it seems, and drugs aren’t addressing the root cause, but rather masking the injury.

Seek immediate help given how any type of nerve or spine injury can easily lead to more complex issues, especially if you have been in an accident, and suffering with other seemingly unrelated symptoms.

Medical Versus Holistic Treatment

Neck pain is often a condition that can be resolved through holistic treatment, requiring no surgery, invasive procedures, or harmful pain killers. Depending on what is causing your pain, a holistic approach such as chiropractic care, decompression therapy, laser pain relief therapy, massage therapy, or physical therapy can be more than enough to address the root cause of pain. Of course there are exceptions which a highly experienced chiropractor such as Dr. Mike Digrado can determine.


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Dr Mike Digrado DC - Chiropractor in Newport Beach CA

Been told you need surgery? Let’s talk.

Neck Pain Treatment in Newport Beach that Works!

Newport Beach chiropractor offers non-surgical treatment for chronic neck pain through decompression and laser therapy.

Almost 80% of Americans have had at least one serious bout with neck discomfort. If you’re one of them, why suffer when there’s a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment available to give you effective long-term relief from your chronic pain?

Dr. Mike Digrado is among Orange County’s top chiropractors in addressing severe neck pain and can help you experience pain relief through advanced FDA cleared decompression and laser therapy. Contact us for more details!

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