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Back Pain Relief in Newport Beach CA.

Back Pain Relief in Newport Beach - Dr Mike Digrado DC

We’re experts in severe, chronic back pain relief without surgery.

Are you suffering with back pain? We’re here to help you feel better again.

Back pain is one of the most common reasons patients see a doctor. The pain affects over 40 million Americans, impacting the productivity and emotional health of most sufferers. It is for this reason that most seek medical care, ranging from chiropractic and acupuncture to pain medication and even back surgery.

Our chiropractor in Newport Beach has been treating back pain sufferers for over 20 years now, helping them regain their life back. Often the pain is a result of a misaligned spine, or even a sudden impact or injury which in turn compresses the spine, pinching the delicate nerves that flow out of the spine.

Utilizing our advanced and highly effective FDA-Cleared decompression therapy combined with deep tissue laser therapy helps patients avoid back surgery, and helping them return to living a normal life after only a few decompression sessions. This gentle, therapeutic, and non-invasive therapy pulls the compressed vertebrae apart, allowing pinched nerves to heal, and giving our patients lasting and very noticeable pain relief.

Common Causes of Back Pain.

Common Causes of Back Pain - Dr Mike Digrado DCMany things may be the culprit behind back pain, and while some of those may be serious enough to warrant medical attention, most causes are “fixable” through chiropractic, decompression, or physical therapy. Most common causes of the pain include:

  • Poor Posture: Poor sitting, working, exercising, and sleeping habits are all immediate causes of the pain
  • Accident and Injury: Car accidents, falls, and even sudden movements when playing sports can all cause slight to significant damage to the spine
  • Pinched Nerve: Compressed vertebrae and even the slightest spinal misalignment can exert pressure on nerves, leading to the pain
  • Herniated Disc: Gradual age-related wear and tear can lead to herniated disc in the back, leading to significant pain in some cases
  • Muscle Strain: Muscle strain as a result of exercise, lifting, or improper movement can lead to the pain. Regardless of the severity, strains must be addressed to reduce or even eliminate the pain for good.

When Should You Seek Professional Help?

Any type of back pain should warrant some type of professional assessment. Oftentimes, addressing the root cause of the pain at an early stage is critical in ensuring the problem is fixed without becoming a more serious matter down the road.

Of course, if you’ve been in an accident, fallen, or suffered an injury it is very important to see a medical professional to make sure nothing is broken, or something more serious isn’t taking place.

Medical Versus Holistic Treatment

Back pain can often times be resolved through a variety of non-invasive holistic approaches. The pain relief can be attained through chiropractic treatment should there be spinal misalignments, or managed through physical therapy, massage therapy, or even acupuncture.

While some professionals may be quick to recommend back surgery for back, it should never be considered unless all other modalities have first been exhausted.


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Dr Mike Digrado DC - Chiropractor in Newport Beach CA

Been told you need surgery? Let’s talk.

Back Pain Relief Through Decompression Therapy and Laser Therapy.

Newport Beach chiropractor offers effective treatment for severe back pain through advanced, FDA cleared decompression and laser therapy.

Dr Mike Digrado is among a handful of clinics in Newport Beach equipped with one of the most advanced and effective decompression machines aimed at addressing back pain. He has been successful in helping thousands of Orange County residents attain exceptional results regardless of age and severity of pain, and helping hundreds avoid spine surgery all together. Call us today to see if Dr. Mike’s decompression therapy and laser therapy is right for you!

Suffering from chronic Sciatica Pain? Our Newport Beach Chiropractor can help.

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