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Back Pain Relief Expert in Newport Beach.

Holistic Pain Relief in Newport Beach - Dr Mike Digrado DC

A holistic and powerful approach to severe chronic pain relief.

Sciatica, back pain, neck pain, herniated discs and more… We can help.

We have been in the business of pain relief for 20 years, providing a wide range of holistic and non-surgical treatments for even the most stubborn pain to residents of Newport Beach. We are proud to be one of only a few clinics in South Orange County utilizing state-of-the-art decompression technologies aimed to correct severe and chronic spinal herniations, pinched nerves, and pain, along with the latest in laser pain relief systems. We know the spine is the key to many ailments, so focus on correcting damaged and deteriorating spines in helping our patients achieve their wellness goals. Looking for pain relief in Newport Beach? Call our office today for an appointment.

Severe & Chronic Sciatica Pain

Are you suffering from sciatic pain? Is a parent or relative immobile due to excruciating pain as a result of a pinched nerve or sciatic nerve pain? Decompression therapy has been proven to help millions of sciatica sufferers feel “normal” again.

Sciatica can afflict anyone, ranging from kids to the elderly. And while many orthopedic surgeons are quick to recommend surgery, we are confidently standing by our unique and highly effective method of sciatic pain relief which has helped thousands of our patients in Newport Beach and throughout Orange County.

Chronic Back + Sciatica Pain

Are you suffering from chronic and sever back pain, sciatica pain, or neck pain? Do you feel you are not living your best life due to pain and discomfort? We can help get you out of pain through various techniques that including laser therapy and decompression therapy.

Bulging Disc + Herniated Disc

As we get older, our spinal health begins to deteriorate. This may have to do with injury, poor posture, or just gravity. We are experts at resolving bulging discs, herniated discs, and even spinal stenosis by utilizing decompression therapy for incredible results.

Joint Pain + Muscle Pain

Most joint and muscle pain typically resolve on their own. Sometimes, such pain becomes chronic, requiring treatment. For such cases, we offer an advanced and effective deep penetrating laser therapy geared to healing tissue and eliminating the pain.


Special Offer for Severe & Chronic Pain Includes:

  • Full Examination
  • Full Report of Findings
  • Detailed Consultation
  • 1st Spinal Decompression Treatment
  • 1st Laser Therapy Treatment

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Dr Mike Digrado DC - Chiropractor in Newport Beach CA

Been told you need surgery? Let’s talk.

Effective and Lasting Relief from Severe Chronic Pain.

Our treatment is always gentle, therapeutic, and non-invasive.

At Newport Center Family Chiropractic, chiropractor in Newport Beach , we treat a wide range of conditions, ranging from sciatica, neck pain, and back pain to alleviating deep chronic muscle and joint pain. We are also experts in spinal conditions such as degenerative disc, bulging disc, herniated disc, and thinning disc.

All conditions are addressed using gentle, non-invasive, and therapeutic treatments that include decompression therapy and laser pain relief therapy giving our patients an incredibly stress-free and comfortable experience, and literally a new lease on life!

Suffering from chronic Sciatica Pain? Our Newport Beach Chiropractor can help.

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  • Full Examination
  • Doctor’s Full Report of Findings
  • Detailed Consultation
  • First Spinal Decompression Treatment
  • First Laser Pain Relief Treatment

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