Sciatica Chiropractor in Newport Beach Specializing in Lasting Pain Relief

Sciatica Chiropractor in Newport Beach Specializing in Lasting Pain Relief

Sciatica chiropractor and. highly experienced back pain specialist, Dr. Mike Digrado of Newport Center Family Chiropractic has received dozens of 5-star reviews from sciatica patients who rave about how great they feel after going through Dr. Digrado’s sciatica pain relief program.

Avoid Spine Surgery

No one wants to go under the knife, especially for explorative spine surgery, and you shouldn’t either… at least not until you have exhausted all your options. Spine surgery is a difficult surgery no matter how much some doctors try to sugarcoat it. It requires months of rest, countless trips to the doctor’s office to ensure there’s no infection or side-effects, and high doses of painkillers that may end up creating a new problem altogether.

Sciatica can be treated without surgery. Unless there are other factors at play, sciatica is a rather straightforward problem that can be fixed through decompression therapy with absolutely no side-effects whatsoever. And best of all, decompression therapy is painless, and so therapeutic, so gentle, and so calming that we’ve seen patients fall asleep during their decompression therapy sessions!

High Success Rate

Are you wondering if Decompression therapy is the right solution for your severe or chronic sciatica and low back pain? Most probably, yes. Our sciatica chiropractor, Dr Mike Digrado has helped thousands of people throughout Newport Beach and surrounding cities find incredible results through decompression therapy and laser therapy. His patients rave about how effective the care is, and how life-changing Dr. Mike’s treatment has been.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a condition that affects many people, causing pain, tingling, or numbness that originates in the lower back and travels down through the leg. This discomfort can range from mildly annoying to severely debilitating, making daily tasks a challenge. Traditional treatment options include medication, physical therapy, and in extreme cases, surgery. However, one increasingly popular alternative treatment for sciatica is chiropractic care, specifically through decompression therapy.

What is Decompression?

Decompression therapy is a non-surgical spinal treatment that aims to relieve back pain by reducing pressure on the spinal discs and nerves. The technique uses a specialized decompression table or similar device that gently stretches the spine, altering its force and position. This slight adjustment makes space between the spinal vertebrae, relieving pressure on the affected discs and nerve roots. By reducing this pressure, decompression therapy promotes the movement of water, oxygen, and nutrient-rich fluids into the discs, which aids in the healing process.

Need a Sciatica Chiropractor?

We specialize in treating sciatica utilizing decompression therapy and deep penetrating laser therapy. Before starting, a thorough assessment is usually performed involving detailed patient history, a full spinal examination, and digital X-rays. Once sciatica is diagnosed and the root cause identified—whether it’s a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, or some other issue—our chiropractor can devise a personalized treatment plan.

Patients often report feeling relief after just a few decompression sessions. The stretching action not only reduces pressure on the spinal discs but also improves blood circulation, thereby providing immediate comfort. Furthermore, the increased flow of healing nutrients to the damaged area can speed up recovery over the long term. While decompression therapy may not be suitable for everyone, particularly those with severe spinal issues or certain contraindications, many patients with sciatica find significant relief through this method.

Decompression therapy is a less invasive option compared to surgical procedures, which often require a lengthy recovery period. It can also be a more sustainable and affordable choice for those who wish to avoid the prolonged use of medication due to potential side effects or the risk of dependency. As with any medical treatment, the effectiveness of decompression therapy varies from person to person. However, many individuals with sciatica have found Dr. Mike Digrado’s solution to back pain and sciatica to be a crucial part of their overall treatment plan, allowing them to return to their daily activities with reduced pain and improved mobility.

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