Is Chronic Back Pain Normal? My back always hurts.

Is Chronic Back Pain Normal? My back always hurts.

The number of times our team hears this question at Newport Center Family Chiropractic each week seems to grow constantly. Patients step through our door of all ages, ranging from young kids to senior adults and retirees, and their question is, “is chronic back pain normal?” Many of our patients have been suffering from back pain for most of their lives, and can’t even remember when back pain started. Everyone finds our clinic in a different way—sometimes through a search, or sometimes from a family recommendation—but once they get through the door, it’s amazing how shocked they are to discover that no, chronic back pain is not normal. No matter what your profession is, how often you use your back, or what other lifestyle factors may be in play, chronic back pain is not normal. Read on to discover more about chronic back pain.

Back Pain Chiropractor, Newport Beach – Dr. Mike Digrado

Hello, my name is Dr. Mike Digrado, and I’ve been providing bulging disc treatment in Newport Beach, as well as decompression therapy in Newport Beach, for over twenty years. During this time, I’ve worked with patients of all ages and all stages of life. They all have the same questions: “is this normal?” “Should I be worried?” “are we going to be able to fix this?”. My patients also tend to have similar beliefs starting out: “I shouldn’t expect too much, right?” “I might need surgery.” “I’ve had back pain for as long as I can remember.”

While it’s important to mention that every single patient’s story is different, it’s also important to mention that there is hope for chronic back pain. As a chiropractor with over two decades of experience, I’ve seen a wide variety of cases. All of these cases were different, some looking more chronic or “unfixable” than others, and others seemingly minor presenting more of a challenge to resolve than others. That’s okay—at Newport Center Family Chiropractic we take every case in stride, developing a unique approach and treatment plan for each person and looking at the entire body as a whole.

Chiropractic is for Every Body

Our Newport chiropractic care is for every body, at every age and at every stage. Chiropractic care is gentle and non-invasive, which may be one of the reasons why so many people underestimate its corrective potential. It’s understandable to worry that the gentle techniques chiropractic offers aren’t going to be enough to resolve the pain that has chronically bothered you for so many years. This is especially true when a doctor may have recommended surgery, or said that there “is no solution” to your chronic discomfort.

Fortunately, at Newport Center Family Chiropractic, our non-surgical neck pain relief and non-surgical back pain relief techniques are powerful and gentle, often yielding transformational results for even the most skeptical patients. Chiropractic is for everybody, and here at Newport Center Family Chiropractic, our treatments are especially gentle and non-invasive to ensure that nobody is left out.

Decompression therapy in Newport Beach for your chronic back pain.

So you’re suffering from chronic back pain? Don’t worry, this is extremely common. You might be amazed to discover that people of all ages, from ten-year-old kids to seventy-five year old grandparents, experience chronic back pain. In fact, we’ve even had parent and child and grandparent and grandchild duos come into the office seeking treatment. There are hundreds of reasons why back pain can arise, but they all arise from the same system of the body: the neuro-musculoskeletal system.

When the neuro-musculoskeletal system gets out of whack, back pain is one of the most common symptoms. This is back the neuro-musculoskeletal system controls the joints, nerves, and muscles of the body. Therefore, it’s not at all surprising that when those components become unbalanced, there are going to be warning signs in the body. Back pain and neck pain are two of those warning signs.

At Newport Center Family Chiropractic, my team and I work together to provide you with the most appropriate care for your body’s needs. One of the most effective therapies that we offer is decompression therapy. Decompression therapy is an incredibly simply procedure that is non-invasive, not painful, very gentle, and appropriate for nearly everyone.

When you arrive in the office for decompression therapy in Newport Beach, we won’t proceed without completing a full assessment of your body. We do this with a visual assessment, x-rays, palpation, and a comprehensive discussion about your symptoms, lifestyle, and concerns. Once we’ve determined how your body’s health can improve, we’ll design your treatment plan and then begin your treatment.

If decompression therapy is right for you, you can expect to sit comfortably or lay comfortably on a specially designed decompression therapy. Straps will gently relieve pressure from your joints by pulling lightly in opposite directions. The pressure applied will be calibrated precisely to your needs, as will the angle of the tugging on your extremities and torso. Patients describe this sensation as “relaxing,” “heavenly,” and “immediately pain relieving.” While results vary for everyone, decompression therapy is one of our most popular treatments for its often immediate pain-reducing effects.

Laser Therapy in Newport Beach

At Newport Center Family Chiropractic, we also practice laser therapy, giving the term “shining light on the situation” a very accurate and literal meaning! Laser therapy is a type of chiropractic treatment that is completely non-invasive, and we find that it is very helpful for areas of the body that are so tender they can’t be touched or simply need the deeply penetrating warmth of the laser.

Pain Relief Center – Newport Beach

Whether you’re experiencing chronic neck pain, chronic back pain, or stiffness, poor posture, and other unpleasant symptoms, we’re here to help. Our entire team is standing by to make sure that your experience—from your first call to your first appointment—is smooth, effortless, and geared toward your comfort and health. Our passion and mission is to bring you back into ideal alignment, help you to become pain free, and renew your zest for life—at any age! If you’re ready to get back to the best health of your life, give us a call today to get started. We want to see how we can help!

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