How Does Laser Therapy Get to the Root of Pain?

How Does Laser Therapy Get to the Root of Pain?

If you’re experiencing pain, you’ve likely sought various treatment options to help alleviate it. One option you may have come across is deep tissue laser therapy. This treatment is becoming more and more popular in the medical world, but many people still don’t fully understand how it works. In this blog post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about deep tissue laser therapy, including how it heals, the benefits, who qualifies for it, and what to look for when seeking treatment.

How Does Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Work?

First, let’s talk about how laser therapy works. Lasers use specific wavelengths of light that are absorbed by the body’s tissues. This energy is then converted into heat, which stimulates blood flow to the affected area and reduce inflammation. The heat also activates cells in the affected area, promoting cell growth and tissue regeneration. Unlike other treatments, deep tissue laser therapy doesn’t require needles or incisions, which means you won’t experience the same side effects or recovery time.

To understand how deep tissue laser therapy works, it’s helpful to first know that light is used to stimulate biological processes within the body. Deep tissue laser therapy utilizes a laser with a specific wavelength to penetrate deep into tissues and promote healing on a cellular level. The laser’s energy is absorbed by the body’s cells, which triggers a photochemical response that helps accelerate the healing process.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Second, let’s dive into the benefits of deep tissue laser therapy. This treatment is suitable for a wide range of conditions, including back pain, arthritis, sports injuries, and more. It reduces inflammation, improves blood flow, and promotes faster healing. Patients who receive this treatment often report significant pain relief, increased range of motion, and improved quality of life. In addition, laser therapy is safe and has no known side effects, which makes it an attractive alternative to pain medication and surgery.

Deep tissue laser therapy can be used to treat a range of conditions, including sports injuries, chronic pain, and arthritis. Some of the benefits of this treatment include reduced inflammation and pain, improved circulation, and faster healing time. There are also no known side effects of deep tissue laser therapy, making it a safe and effective treatment option.

Who Qualifies for Deep Tissue Laser Therapy?

Third, let’s talk about eligibility criteria. Deep tissue laser therapy is suitable for patients of all ages and many medical backgrounds. However, certain conditions such as cancer, pregnancy, and pacemaker use may make you ineligible for this treatment. It’s important to discuss your medical history with a healthcare professional before beginning deep tissue laser therapy.

The good news is that deep tissue laser therapy is a non-invasive treatment option that can be used by most people. However, there are some individuals who may not be eligible for this treatment, including pregnant women, those with certain medical conditions, and those taking certain medications. This is why it’s important to consult with a qualified healthcare professional before pursuing deep tissue laser therapy.

What to Look for When Seeking Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Fourth, when seeking this treatment, it’s important to find a qualified practitioner. Choosing a chiropractor who has experience and training in deep tissue laser therapy ensures that you’ll receive the best possible care. Dr. Mike Digrado, at Newport Center Family Chiropractic, has over twenty years of experience administering expert care. When you visit him in Newport Beach, CA, you can trust that you’ll be in good hands.

When seeking deep tissue laser therapy, it’s important to choose a healthcare professional who is experienced in administering this treatment. Look for someone who has a track record of success and who takes the time to understand your individual needs and develop a personalized treatment plan. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure the facility you choose has the latest equipment and technology in order to provide the best possible care.

At Your Appointment

Fifth, let’s discuss what you can expect during your deep tissue laser therapy treatment. Most patients experience a warm sensation as the laser energy penetrates their skin. Treatments typically last between ten and thirty minutes, depending on the severity of your condition. Your chiropractor may recommend several sessions to achieve optimal results, and you’re free to return to your daily activities immediately after the procedure.

Newport Center Family Chiropractic – Newport Beach, CA

Deep tissue laser therapy is a viable treatment option for individuals experiencing chronic pain, sports injuries, and arthritis. This safe and non-invasive treatment utilizes light to promote cellular healing and can provide a range of benefits, including reduced inflammation and pain, improved circulation, and faster healing time. However, it’s important to consult with a qualified healthcare professional before pursuing this treatment, and to choose a provider who is experienced and uses the latest technology. At Newport Center Family Chiropractic, we have over twenty years of experience administering expert care to help you get out of pain and back to your best, healthiest life.

Deep tissue laser therapy is a non-invasive, safe, and effective treatment option for those living with chronic pain. With the right chiropractor, you can experience significant pain relief, increased mobility, and improved quality of life. If you’re seeking deep tissue laser therapy, be sure to find a qualified practitioner like Dr. Mike Digrado, who has the experience and training necessary to deliver the best possible care. Take control of your health and get back to what you love with deep tissue laser therapy.

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