Can Decompression Therapy Lead to Long-Term Health Benefits?

Can Decompression Therapy Lead to Long-Term Health Benefits?

When it comes to finding the right treatment for joint and deep tissue issues, decompression therapy is an option that many individuals consider. However, with the increasing popularity of this approach, many people wonder about the long-term health benefits and safety of this therapy. At Newport Center Family Chiropractic, we understand the importance of answering these questions. The good news is that decompression therapy can lead to long-term health benefits, while also being safe and therapeutic.

What is decompression therapy?

Decompression therapy is a non-surgical treatment designed to relieve pressure on the spinal discs and joints. During a decompression therapy session, a patient lies on a specialized table while the chiropractor applies traction to the patient’s spine. The traction isolates a specific spinal segment, and a gentle, intermittent force pulls and releases the area. The decompression promotes circulation and oxygenation while reducing the pressure on the spine, which can lead to long-term health benefits.

What is a decompression therapy table?

A decompression therapy table is a specialized piece of equipment utilized exclusively for spinal decompression treatments. Often mechanized and computer-controlled, this table enables the chiropractor to target specific areas of the spine with precision. The patient lies comfortably on the table, with straps attached around the waist and torso to ensure stability and effectiveness of the traction forces. The lower section of the table can move back and forth, allowing for proper alignment and application of gentle, intermittent pulling forces on the targeted area. The design of the decompression table is such that it maximizes the therapeutic benefits of the treatment while ensuring patient comfort throughout the procedure.

What makes decompression therapy at Newport Center Family Chiropractic different?

At Newport Center Family Chiropractic, what sets our decompression therapy apart is the personalized care provided by our resident chiropractor, Dr. Mike Digrado. With years of experience and extensive training in spinal health, Dr. Digrado ensures that each treatment session is tailored to the unique needs of the patient. He takes the time to understand the individual’s health history, lifestyle factors, and specific therapeutic goals before initiating the therapy. Moreover, Dr. Digrado uses state-of-the-art decompression tables and implements the most recent advancements in chiropractic techniques. This holistic, patient-centric approach fosters optimal spinal health, leading to sustainable long-term benefits for our patients.

Is decompression therapy safe?

Decompression therapy is generally safe when performed by a licensed chiropractor, like Dr. Mike Digrado and his team at Newport Center Family Chiropractic. The procedure doesn’t involve any invasive techniques, making it a safe alternative to surgery. However, the treatment is not recommended for certain individuals, including those with spinal fractures, tumors, advanced osteoporosis, infection, and pregnancy. Hence the importance of consulting with your chiropractor before considering decompression therapy.

Is decompression therapy only for people with injuries?

Decompression therapy isn’t exclusively for those dealing with injuries. While it’s highly effective for individuals suffering from herniated discs, sciatica, and other spinal-related injuries, it’s also beneficial for those seeking preventive care. Regular decompression therapy can help maintain optimal spinal health, improve posture, and alleviate common issues such as minor back or neck discomfort. Moreover, it can be a valuable part of an overall wellness routine for healthy individuals, as it aids in relieving the stress and strain daily activities can put on our spinal structures. However, as with any therapy, a consultation with a licensed professional is recommended before beginning a decompression therapy regimen.

Can children and teenagers benefit from decompression therapy?

Children and teenagers can also benefit from decompression therapy, especially those who are involved in strenuous activities and sports that can put pressure on the spine. However, it’s crucial to note that a child’s body is still growing and developing, and their health needs are different from those of adults. Therefore, the therapy should always be administered under the guidance of an experienced chiropractor, like Dr. Mike Digrado, who can adjust the treatment based on the age, size, and specific needs of the child. At Newport Center Family Chiropractic, we ensure that each therapy session is tailored to the child’s comfort level while still providing the health benefits of spinal decompression. It is important to remember that, as with adults, a thorough consultation is required before a child begins decompression therapy, to verify it as a suitable and safe treatment option.

Can seniors benefit from decompression therapy?

Seniors can indeed benefit from decompression therapy, particularly those experiencing chronic back pain, sciatica, or degenerative disc disease. As we age, our spinal discs tend to lose their elasticity and flexibility, making us more susceptible to disc herniation and spinal discomfort. Decompression therapy can help alleviate this discomfort by creating space between the vertebrae, improving circulation, and promoting healing. The therapy’s non-invasive nature makes it a suitable option for seniors who may be at a higher risk for complications from surgical procedures. However, it’s crucial that seniors consult with an experienced chiropractor, like Dr. Mike Digrado, who can assess their overall health status and tailor the therapy to their specific needs. At Newport Center Family Chiropractic, we ensure that our senior patients receive safe and effective treatment that contributes to their overall well-being and quality of life.

What are the long-term benefits of decompression therapy?

There are many proven benefits of using decompression therapy for long-term health benefits. Beyond pain reduction, decompression therapy can improve disc height, increase blood flow, and stimulate healing in the affected areas. Additionally, it can also improve range of motion, flexibility, posture and reduce the likelihood of future injuries. Experts have also noted the non-invasive nature of decompression therapy compared to surgical procedures, reducing the risks of infections, advanced rehabilitation, and other potential complications.

In the hands of an experienced chiropractor, decompression therapy can provide significant relief to individuals with joint and deep tissue issues. Therefore, it’s essential to choose the right chiropractor to receive the most from your therapy. As one of the best chiropractors in Newport Beach, Dr. Mike Digrado and his talented team have helped numerous patients find relief through decompression therapy. They bring years of experience and knowledge, ensuring that patients receive a customized treatment plan that suits their needs.

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Decompression therapy stands out as a promising approach to treating joint and deep tissue issues. It is non-invasive, safe, and can lead to long-term health benefits. However, it’s essential to choose a licensed chiropractor like Dr. Mike Digrado and his team to ensure that you receive the right treatment and potential benefits. At Newport Center Family Chiropractic, we are ready to help you find relief through decompression therapy. Give us a call today to book your appointment.

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