Auto Accident Treatment in Newport Beach, CA – Newport Center Family Chiropractic

Auto Accident Treatment in Newport Beach, CA - Newport Center Family Chiropractic

If you’ve just been involved in an auto accident, the most important thing to do is to prioritize your health. No matter the severity of the crash, taking care of yourself and seeking medical attention is imperative. This may entail a visit to a chiropractor or another medical professional. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the expert advice given by Dr. Mike Digrado, a chiropractor from Newport Center Family Chiropractic, on what steps to take after being involved in an auto accident. From minor fender-benders to severe crashes, here is the guidance you’re looking for about how to take care of yourself in the aftermath of an accident.

Seek Medical Attention

After an accident, whether you feel okay or not, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately. Even minor accidents can cause injuries that may not manifest themselves until days or even weeks later. By going to the hospital, clinic, or chiropractor office, you’ll make sure that any injuries sustained will be diagnosed and treated immediately.

Visit a Chiropractor

Seeing a chiropractor is an excellent step to take after an auto accident, especially if you’re experiencing pain or discomfort in your neck, back, or spine. At Newport Center Family Chiropractic, we specialize in spinal decompression and cold laser therapy, which can help alleviate pain and inflammation from whiplash and other injuries associated with auto accidents.

Follow Your Treatment Plan

After visiting a chiropractor or medical professional, follow the treatment plan offered to the letter. This might mean coming in for multiple appointments or even undergoing physical therapy. Failing to do so might exacerbate your pain, resulting in a slower recovery time. By fully adhering to your treatment plan, you’ll be able to make a full recovery quicker, getting you back to your pre-accident self sooner.

How We Treat Car Accidents At Newport Center Family Chiropractic

At Newport Center Family Chiropractic, Dr. Digrado employs a comprehensive approach to treating auto accident injuries, which includes decompression therapy and cold laser therapy among other techniques. These are non-invasive treatments that have shown significant effective results in alleviating pain and promoting fast recovery.

Spinal decompression therapy is a type of motorized traction that can help relieve back pain. It works by gently stretching the spine, changing its force and position. This change takes pressure off the spinal disks — gel-like cushions between the bones in your spine — by creating negative pressure in the disc. As a result, herniated or bulging disks may retract, taking pressure off nerves and other structures in your spine. This helps promote the movement of water, oxygen, and nutrient-rich fluids into the disks so they can heal.

On the other hand, cold laser therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT), emits light that penetrates deep into tissues. This light boosts cellular function which can help reduce inflammation and pain and promote healing. It’s highly effective for those who suffer from whiplash and other neck injuries often associated with car accidents.

These therapies, when combined, not only help in relieving pain but also in restoring mobility and functionality, ensuring patients can return to their daily activities as soon as possible. They are part of Dr. Digrado’s commitment to providing comprehensive and patient-centered care.

Does Decompression Therapy Hurt?

Decompression therapy, contrary to what some might fear, is a gentle and painless procedure. It is meticulously designed to alleviate discomfort associated with spinal issues, not to induce it. The therapy uses a motorized traction table that subtly stretches the spine and allows the patient to remain in a state of complete relaxation throughout the session.

Patients often describe the sensation during decompression therapy as a gentle tug or pull on their body that gradually releases over time. This rhythmic ebb and flow of controlled stretching allows the patient’s body to adapt to the therapy and even find it soothing. The therapy table is padded and comfortable, and the environment is usually calming with dimmed lights and soft music, contributing to an overall relaxing experience.

So, not only is decompression therapy painless, but it can also be a quite comfortable procedure. Some patients even find it so relaxing that they fall asleep during their sessions. This is a testament to the therapy’s gentle approach and effectiveness in bringing relief from pain. Therefore, patients should not let fear or anxiety deter them from trying this potentially life-changing treatment.

Does Laser Therapy Hurt?

Much like decompression therapy, laser therapy is not only painless, but can also be a soothing and enjoyable procedure to experience. The treatment involves the use of a handheld device that emits a concentrated beam of light onto the skin. The sensation during the procedure is often described as a gentle, warm touch on the skin, which many patients find soothing.

The light from the laser penetrates into the tissues, stimulating the cells and enhancing their functionality without causing any discomfort. There’s no invasive contact, no unwelcome pressure or heat – just a calming, therapeutic light that works its magic beneath the skin’s surface.

The session usually takes place in a tranquil environment, with the patient comfortably reclined. Some patients report feeling a sense of deep relaxation during the procedure, and others even fall asleep. The combination of the therapy’s gentle nature, the relaxing environment, and the knowledge that you’re actively healing your body can make laser therapy a highly positive and enjoyable experience. So, much like decompression therapy, there’s no need for fear or anxiety when considering laser therapy as a treatment option.

Car Accident Injury Treatment in Newport Beach, CA – Back Pain, Neck Pain, and More

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident, it’s essential to take care of yourself both physically and financially. Go to the hospital, contact your insurance company, and seek the help of a chiropractor. With the right treatment plan in place, you should be back to your pre-accident self in no time. By seeking out the services of Dr. Mike Digrado at Newport Center Family Chiropractic, you’ll be able to find comprehensive, holistic treatment options to lessen your pain, correct your posture, and help you make a full recovery. Don’t hesitate to seek out help if you need it – every step you take towards recovery will get you closer to feeling like yourself again.

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