Are You Living With Spinal Misalignment? Here are 9 Common Signs

Are You Living With Spinal Misalignment? Here are 9 Common Signs

We rarely recognize it, but many of us live our lives with a spine that is misaligned. This can range from a minor subluxation (misalignment) to something as significant as scoliosis; in fact, most individuals who suffer from this issue don’t even know about it! Unfortunately, spinal misalignment can cause various other symptoms and medical disorders. You may be surprised to discover that many of your seemingly unrelated symptoms and conditions are actually connected to the spine. This is because the spine serves as a central hub for almost all bodily functions, so if something is off in this area then other parts of you will feel it too! To learn more about how proper spinal alignment can positively affect your life, keep reading!

9 Signs That You May Be Living With Spinal Misalignment

#1 Stomach & Digestive Problems

Most people are taken aback when they hear stomach and digestive issues can be the result of spinal misalignment – “How could my spine possibly affect digestion?” It’s true, though; your spine and digestive system share a close connection. A severe case of scoliosis has been known to cause such distortion in shape that it pushes into the abdominal area, and even minor misalignments can bring about similar consequences for digestion.

The enteric nervous system is similar to the digestive tract’s own neurological network. Interrelated closely with the spine, it capitalizes on spinal nerves that transmit electrical signals and hormones which control reactions and overall operation throughout the system.

When the spine is misaligned, it can cause negative consequences for the enteric nervous system. Since this system regulates digestion, properly aligning your spinal cord could greatly reduce stomach pains, GERD symptoms, diarrhea and constipation issues associated with digestive problems.

#2 Headaches

Debilitating headaches can become the norm if your cervical spine is out of alignment. As you may know, this is the part of your spine that sits in your neck and supports our head’s upright position. When there are misalignments present at this area, chronic headaches follow suit; however with proper care and attention to spinal realignment these symptoms can be alleviated!

#3 Migraines

Notably, misalignment of the cervical spine can manifest itself in migraine headaches. When the nerves are compressed or pinched due to this displacement, they may become inflamed and cause disruption within electrical and chemical signals sent from your neck up towards your brain. This leads to a cascade of negative symptoms that culminate in severe migraines.

#4 Lethargy and Exhaustion

Feeling weary and depleted can make life unbearably difficult. When one is constantly worn-out, it’s almost impossible to find energy or enthusiasm in daily activities – leading to depression, worry, and disinterest. The central nervous system (CNS) is responsible for keeping a balance of energy levels within the body; with the spine as its main component. If this significant part of CNS has been misaligned damaging nerves in its wake then nerve signals are unable to flow as they should causing an excessive amount of sluggishness throughout your entire body that prevents you from operating at peak performance.

#5 Brain Fog

Like the central nervous system directs our energy levels, it also has a powerful influence on our brains and how they operate. A misalignment of the spine can interfere with nerve signals connected to the CNS, resulting in various mental issues – including brain fog which is one of the more common symptoms. Thus, by keeping your spine healthy through regular checkups or chiropractic treatments you are taking an important step towards optimizing your cognitive functioning.

#6 Back Pain

Back pain is a widespread symptom of spinal misalignment, affecting nerves, discs, muscles and other tissues in the back. This commonly manifests as aching or sharp discomfort in one’s spine – potentially extending to coldness and hotness at times – plus radiating shooting sensations that can even bring on sciatica agony.

#7 Neck Pain

Just like with debilitating back pain, neck discomfort can also be attributed to misalignment in the spine. The backbone extends from our hips and up through the neck, thus when it’s not properly aligned tension is placed upon nerves, discs, tissue and muscle – resulting in an intolerable amount of pressure on the cervical region that has to bear the burden of supporting a heavy human head weighing 11 pounds (on average). If these vertebrae are unaligned then carrying such weight becomes immensely difficult without feeling prolific levels of soreness or ache.

#8 Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain and stiffness are often caused by misalignment in the spine, particularly around the neck (cervical spine). When this happens, it can cause tightness in your shoulder muscles as a result of an inability from your neck to support your head. This could lead to soreness, rounded shoulders, sharp pains or even constant muscle tension. Additionally, any injuries to either the back or shoulder area might also bring about some discomfort.

#9 Anxiety

Unexpectedly, spine misalignment can elicit feelings of apprehension due to the central nervous system being adversely affected. The spinal column is an integral part of this system, which coordinates and controls various physical activities in the body. When it becomes disrupted from injury or any type of damage, there may be a disruption in its operations thus causing anxiety as one possible outcome.

An interrupted body can often translate to anxiety, as the body senses something is out of balance but does not understand what it is. The spine and enteric nervous system are closely connected; when there’s a misalignment in your spine, digestion can become uncomfortable which then further heightens feelings of unease or anxiousness.

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